About Rachel McK

Rachel McKnight produces jewellery, placemats and coasters to form quirky creations in acrylic, polypropylene and silver

Rachel studied at The University of Ulster in Belfast. Having graduated in 2003 she started her first workshop in her parent's garage and this is where she developed Rachel McK. The excitement of sourcing new materials and the experimentation with them inspires her to produce original and innovative jewellery. The idea of transparency and opaque colour influences her designs, and plastics allow her to explore this. Simple and uncomplicated shapes and the idea of duplicating these shapes also form the basis for Rachel’s jewellery.

Not only does Rachel have a large range of small batch production jewellery, but she has recently developed a range of home ware products comprising of placemats and coasters. This product range is in its infancy so keep your eyes glued to the website to see the new developments!

Rachel also likes to produce larger scale work for exhibitions and collections. Her ideas are to challenge the concept of wearable jewellery and to create beautiful sculptural forms. These pieces are usually one-offs so catch them while you can. Rachel originally hand cut all of her work, but in the last couple of years she has embraced technology and with the help of laser cutting is now developing work with more intricate designs such as the lace pattern used in some of her pieces. The idea of combining a man-made, industrial product with a delicate and traditional pattern inspires her new work.

If you want something just that little bit different, please do not hesitate to get in touch, commissions are very welcome!